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“Which One Doesn’t Belong?” ( “WODB?” ) is a new learning app from Prague-based developer Sprinnet, aimed for children aged 4-7 years.

“WODB?” helps prepare children for successful learning in elementary school through a collection of fun, interactive mini-games. The game tasks help to develop logical thinking as well as to learn to compare, reason and analyze.

The child is prompted to carefully scrutinize the pictures and to choose the one that is different. If the choice is correct, the child will see a smiling Emoji.

“WODB?” includes 5 exercises with 50 interactive game tasks in all. Each one task is worth ten points for a total of 100 points in one exercise. Grading:

  • A) 100 to 90 - Smiling Face with Heart Eyes Emoji
  • B) 89 to 80 - Smiling Face Emoji
  • C) 79 to 70 - Pirate Face Emoji
  • D) 69 to 60 - Crying Face Emoji
  • F) Below 60 - Pouting Face Emoji

“WODB?” is available to download from the educational category on the App Store, and is designed for both iPhone and iPad.